A key part of the ACM FAT* strategic plan is to innovate and lead on diversity and inclusion. In every edition of the conference, we strive to provide an open, diverse, safe and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to freely express who they are, and to voice their own opinions and points of view.

For ACM FAT* 2020, the Executive Committee, ACM FAT* 2020 General Chairs and ACM FAT* 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Chair work together to address issues both specific to this year's conference and towards guidelines and practices that align with ACM FAT*'s long-term diversity and inclusion vision. One of this year’s innovations is CRAFT, where one of the aims is to involve those suffering the impact of unfairness, unaccountability and opacity in the reflection on the goals, assumptions and solutions that drive the conference.

Below are some additional areas in which we are paying particularly close attention to diversity and inclusion issues:

  • Ensuring each organizing committee (General Chairs, Program Chairs, Tutorial Chairs, CRAFT chairs, Financial Support Chair, and so on) is aware of diversity and inclusion issues and take them into account in their contribution to the preparation of the program
  • Substantially reduced registration fees for students and delegates from non-profit and academic organizations
  • Financial support for delegates needing it to attend the conference including registration fee waivers and travel grants for some attendees
  • On-site spaces:
    • Subsidized childcare in cases where it is necessary for the attendance of a delegate to the conference (room MR2, ground floor)
    • A nursing room (ask key at registration desk)
    • A prayer room (room MR1, ground floor)
    • Gender-neutral toilets
  • Accessibility:
    • Communicating with presenters on how to develop accessible presentations
    • Making slides available in electronic format to participants during the conference
    • Linking to accessibility information to move around Barcelona
  • Privacy options for (not) appearing on photographs throughout the conference thought a simple opt-in system, as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

As a participant, we ask you to:

  • communicate clearly and respectfully while acknowledging others’ feelings;
  • do not imply that there are things that everybody should know as we all have different backgrounds;
  • refrain from offensive or disparaging comments, particularly those related to gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, language, neuro-type, size, ability, class, religion, culture, subculture, political opinion, age, skill level, occupation, or background;
  • connect with the diversity and inclusion chair if you become aware of disrespectful behavior in the above sense;
  • alert organizers if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress.

Please remember the Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities applies during all ACM conferences.

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Please contact inclusion@fatconference.org for any questions, ideas, or comments on how we can make this conference work best for you.

  • Aniko Hannak, Complexity Science Hub Vienna and Vienna University of Economics and Business