In accordance with the Conference Bylaws, there are several committees that manage the business of the ACM FAccT Conference and shape its trajectory.

Executive Committee

The ACM FAccT Executive Committee is responsible for high-level management of the conference. This includes soliciting bids for future conference locations and General Chairs; selecting Program Committee Chairs; providing institutional knowledge and support as necessary for conference organizers; organizing votes for the Steering Committee; and undertaking strategic initiatives. Executive Committee members typically serve a single two-year term.

Current Members

Affiliations are listed for informational purposes only. Members do not represent their organizations. A funding disclosure from current EC members is available.

We are grateful to our previous members of the Executive Committee, who have given extensively of their time and energy to develop and grow the conference.

  • Alexandra Chouldechova, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Brent Hecht, Microsoft Research / Northwestern University
  • Carlos Castillo, ICREA and Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Christo Wilson, Northeastern University
  • Elisa Celis, Yale University
  • Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, Future of Privacy Forum
  • Kristian Lum, University of Pennsylvania
  • Madeleine Clare Elish, Google
  • Michael Ekstrand, Drexel University
  • Solon Barocas, Cornell University
  • Sorelle Friedler, Haverford College
  • Suresh Venkatasubramanian, University of Utah
  • Timnit Gebru, Google

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

One of the key strategic goals of the ACM FAccT Conference is promoting diversity and inclusion. DEI Chairs work closely with all conference organizers towards this goal. DEI Chairs may serve two two-year terms.

Current DEI Chairs

Please contact for questions about our DEI efforts.


One key tactic for achieving the diversity and inclusion goals of the ACM FAccT Conference is keeping registration costs very low, so that cost is not a hardship for those wishing to attend. The work of the ACM FAccT Sponsorship Chairs is to raise funds that can be used to offset conference costs and provide grants for conference attendees. They are responsible for cultivating new sponsors and maintaining relationships with existing sponsors. Furthermore, the Sponsorship Chairs are responsible for ensuring that new sponsors align with the strategic vision laid out in the Strategic Plan, and for communicating conference policy with sponsors. Sponsorship Chairs may serve two two-year terms.

Current Sponsorship Chairs

Please contact for questions about sponsorship.

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