Steering committee nominations are closed. Look for the next cycle to open in early 2022.


The Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAccT) solicits nominations for new members of the FAccT Steering Committee (SC). The SC is a broad advisory board that provides input and guidance to the executive committee on the direction of the conference and community.

Steering Committee member responsibilities are as follows:

Appointment is for a 2-year term, renewable for a second 2-year term (so most members will serve 4 years). The Steering Committee does not require a substantial time commitment; besides participation at the conference and advocacy as a part of other efforts members are already engaged in, the primary activity is to respond to occasional requests for feedback and vote on conference governance matters.

Self-nomination is allowed and encouraged. Nominees will be reviewed by the Selection Subcommittee, comprised of current members of the Steering and Executive Committees, which will make the final decisions. The members of the Selection Subcommittee are:

Further details on the selection process, responsibilities, and requirements are in the conference bylaws and strategic plan.

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