Distinguished Paper Award

Fairness-aware Model-agnostic Positive and Unlabeled Learning

Ziwei Wu and Jingrui He   Paper   Video

The Values Encoded in Machine Learning Research

Abeba Birhane, Pratyusha Kalluri, Dallas Card, William Agnew, Ravit Dotan and Michelle Bao   Paper   Video

Distinguished Student Paper Award

Algorithmic Tools in Public Employment Services: Towards a Jobseeker-Centric Perspective

Kristen Scott, Sonja Mei Wang, Milagros Miceli, Pieter Delobelle, Karolina Sztandar-Sztanderska and Bettina Berendt   Paper   Video

Towards Intersectional Feminist and Participatory ML: A Case Study in Supporting Feminicide Counterdata Collection

Harini Suresh, Rajiv Movva, Amelia Lee Dogan, Rahul Bhargava, Isadora Cruxen, Angeles Martinez Cuba, Guilia Taurino, Wonyoung So and Catherine D'Ignazio   Paper   Video