The fifth annual ACM FAccT conference brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems. ACM FAccT 2022 builds on the success of the 2021 conference, which was held online. The 2022 conference will be held both in-person and online. The in-person conference will take place in the COEX exhibition centre in Seoul, South Korea on June 21-24 2022.

South Korea is progressively easing its travel restrictions, though we know that some members of our community are finding it hard to secure visas. We're trying to support however we can; see this page for more information.

Although South Korea has had a significant Omicron wave in 2022, cases are now substantially down, and the population is very highly vaccinated, with high observance of public health measures, such as indoor masking. We will be providing conference attendees with masks and with free self-testing kits.

At present, it seems that about half the people participating in the conference (presenting papers, CRAFT sessions, tutorials, keynotes) are planning to travel, and half will be presenting remotely. But we have more content of each kind (twice the number of papers) than previous years of FAccT. So, in effect, we're putting on two conferences, one for the online audience, and one for the in-person audience.

With the exception of some highly-interactive CRAFT sessions, everyone will be able to access all the conference content via a library on our online platform, Hopin, which will allow people to leave comments and ask questions asynchronously. Every piece of content will also be presented live. Tutorials, most CRAFT sessions, all papers and all keynotes, will only be presented live once, either as part of the in-person or the online program. Keynotes will be professionally streamed live; other in-person sessions will be streamed as best we can (professionally streaming them is insanely expensive). But our expectation is that most of the audience will participate primarily in the online part of the conference, or the in-person part, with the keynotes being the only major overlap (this is also a function of timezones).

We're going to be posting a draft schedule soon, so that folks can see in more detail what content will be on when. We'll have how-to guides for audience members coming soon also. This is all a big experiment, and we're grateful to the community for working with us while we try to figure out how to do academic conferences in the era of COVID.

The online conference—including both live-streamed elements of the in-person conference, and online-only content—will also begin on June 21, with content and discussion available for two weeks, and a library of content available subsequently.

Our research community is multidisciplinary in its make-up and orientation. The conference organizers welcome your contributions and insights. If you have thoughts and suggetions about this year’s conference, please fill out this form or be in touch by emailing the the ACM FAccT 2022 General Co-chairs Charles Isbell, Seth Lazar, Alice Oh, and Alice Xiang at


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