In order to achieve the diversity and inclusion goals laid out in the ACM FAccT Strategic Plan, ACM FAccT raises funds from sponsors. This includes money from government funding agencies, charitable foundations, and companies. This money is used to offset conference costs to keep registration costs low and to provide grants for attendees.

The ACM FAccT Conference Bylaws state several policies that govern ACM FAccT's fundraising activities:

  • ACM FAccT only accepts unrestricted funds.
  • In return for funds, sponsors may be acknowledged in conference materials (e.g., on this website and/or with physical signage).
  • Sponsors will not be given designated spots in the conference program and do not provide any input on the program.
  • To maintain the conferences' independence, the ACM FAccT Sponsorship Chairs are encouraged to solicit funds from a diversity of sources.
  • The sponsors for each yearly conference are clearly disclosed. For example, see the sponsorship pages for the 2020 and 2019 conferences.
Please contact for any questions.