Important Dates
Fee waivers/Travel Grants Deadline:
April 13, 2023
Notification expected:
April 21, 2023
Priority Carer grant deadline:
May 15, 2023
Notification expected:
May 19, 2023 (A rolling basis notification after the deadline if funds are available)

Registration fee waivers and travel grants

Those who lack the means to pay for registration or who cannot afford to travel to attend the conference may apply for financial support, which consists of (1) a registration fee waiver and/or (2) a travel grant.

We anticipate high demand for travel grants, and our priority is to ensure that financial need does not prevent people from attending and participating in the conference. Please apply for funding only if you do not have other resources that you can use to support your participation, and please try to source funding from within your own institution if possible. Please also apply for the minimum amount needed to attend the conference (considering travel, hotel, and subsistence costs) so that we are able to meet all attendees needs and support the maximum number of people.

Travel grants are offered in two modalities. In modality A. Expense reimbursement paid after the conference, you will be provided a link to an ACM page for uploading your receipts for flight, hotel, ground transportation, meals, and you will be reimbursed for eligible expenses. In modality B. Lump sum paid after the conference, you will be provided a link to an ACM page for indicating your mailing address, permanent address, and national tax ID number; you will be transferred the requested amount and this will be considered as taxable income that you will need to report to your national tax authority. Modality A is strongly recommended by the Organising Committee.

Applicants for financial support must justify their need in their application. Grants will be allocated based on consideration of the applicant's contribution to the conference (member of organising committee, presenter in CRAFT or Tutorial session, accepted paper presenter, volunteer), as well as on the importance of growing the FAccT community, and increasing access for populations historically underrepresented in the conference.

We can give out a strictly limited number of registration fee waivers. These will be allocated based on the same criteria, but we particularly wish to use fee waivers to encourage participation by members of civil society organizations that would not otherwise be able to attend.

In order to be able to provide notifications of awards in a timely manner and allow time for people to make travel arrangements with knowledge of the available financial support, the financial support application deadline is very shortly after the paper notification deadline.

We recommend that you prepare in advance to submit your application:

  • Research your expenses (travel, housing)
  • Determine how much institutional support is available to you
  • If you are a student: Request a letter from your research advisor, in which they support your application for financial support at FAccT. The advisor should state what level of support they can provide and why they cannot fund the student’s total cost of attendance. The file format must be PDF with a maximum file size of 10 MB.

Information for grantees

After receiving a travel grant, grantees will have to provide proof that they will attend the conference by May 1, 2023 through a form provided with the award notification. This can be a flight/hotel reservation, a visa appointment or a visa, or similar materials. Not providing this proof will void the grant.

Owing to ACM policies, the travel grant cannot be advanced but is instead paid as a reimbursement or a lump sum after the conference takes place, as per ACM rules. Forms, instructions, and a contact e-mail address at ACM will be provided to all grantees.

In the event that you make a booking but are unable to travel due to circumstances beyond your control, and the airline does not provide an adequate reimbursement for your ticket, you will still be able to claim reimbursement from FAccT on presentation of evidence demonstrating that the foregoing conditions were met.

Bandwidth and Carer Grants

FAccT 2023 is happy to provide grants meant to lower barriers of access to the conference. Please use this form to apply to the following:

  1. Internet bandwidth grants: Intended to cover extra costs of internet access if your current internet bandwidth is a barrier to your participation in the conference.
  2. Carer grants: Intended to provide subsidy of extra costs for caring for dependents if your caregiving responsibilities are a barrier to your participation in the conference.

If you would like to apply to either (or both) of these grants, please submit the application form. Please note that the grants will be provided in the form of reimbursement and will require you to provide receipts.

If you are unable to obtain a receipt for caregiving, please explain this when filling out the form.

Application deadline: May 15, 2023

Financial Support Chair

Please contact for any questions.

  • Rida Qadri, Technology and Society Collective (TaSC), Google

The financial support chair will work closely with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chairs, and the General Chairs, to allocate grants.