Key Facts
DEI Scholars
Application Deadline:
March 18, 2022 AoE
DEI Scholars
Outcomes (expected):
April 15, 2022 AoE


ACM FAccT welcomes applications for the inaugural FAcct Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) Scholarships. One of FAccT’s Strategic Goals is to innovate and lead on diversity and inclusion. This program seeks to advance this goal by funding scholars to conduct research that deepens our collective understanding of and advances DEI initiatives.

Either individuals or small teams are welcome to apply. Applicants should describe the research that they want to conduct. The proposed work should leverage the FAccT conference/organization, and should have broader impacts (e.g., guidelines for practice, tutorials) and/or intellectual merits. We welcome a diverse range of methods - ethnographic, qualitative, quantitative, experimental, etc.

Example topics include:

  • Designing effective mentorship models in the FAccT communities
  • Promoting diverse participants for FAccT (full papers, workshops, craft, organizing committees, etc.)
  • Creating a sustainable, inclusive conference experience
  • Measuring effectiveness of DEI interventions at FAccT and comparable conferences
    • e.g., funding for DEI purposes (carer/internet bandwidth grant, registration cost; or other initiatives such as impact statements)
  • Examining biases in the peer review process of FAccT and comparable conferences
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of hybrid conference models
  • Investigating interconnection between industry funding of research and achievement of DEI goals
  • Developing multidisciplinary collaborations to advance DEI goals
  • Analyses of shortcomings and successes of prevailing strategies for advancing DEI in industry and academia
  • Developing interventions to improve research and workplace cultures in industry and academia to improve retention, progression, and influence of underrepresented communities
  • Expository research aimed at analysing underlying causes of lack of DEI in computing research and development

Applicants will have an opportunity to present their research outcomes during the FAccT conference, in a format that best suits the work and which would be jointly decided with the organizing team (e.g. invited panel/tutorial/CRAFT). Individuals from underrepresented groups in the FAccT community are especially welcome to apply.

Funding and duration

The funding is provided as one-time payment of funds up to $25,000. The project can last from 6 to 12 months, and an extension can be granted depending on the project’s scope.

Funds can be paid in one of three formats (and can be split between these formats)

1. An ACM Conference Award of a $25,000 lump sum, subject to US IRS Miscellaneous Income Tax Reporting (Form 1099). Recipient must provide the appropriate tax information to ACM through our tax form collection page. For those receiving payment in the US, a W9 must be completed. For payments made outside the US, a W8 is required. US-based recipients are paid via direct deposit (or check if preferred). Recipients outside the US are paid via wire transfer. Once a speaker submits a payment request, it can take up to 15 business days to receive payment.

2. Reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred, including travel and relevant services, but excluding equipment.

3. Payment to a tax-exempt organisation (such as the host university, for use as research funds). Individuals who wish to donate their honorarium to a 501c3 organization are required to provide an email with the following information and documents: Donation Amount, Banking Information for Wire Transfer, Name of the Organization, Tax ID of the Organization, IRS Determination Letter, W9 for the Organization; or copy of the most recent Form 990 (not more than 15 months old)

Eligibility criteria

Anyone who is interested in conducting research to advance the diversity and inclusion goals of the FAccT community can apply. Depending on the scope of the project, a small team of individuals (1-4 people) can apply as well.

Application details

Applicants should submit a 3-4 page proposal, including a budget, in pdf format, at the FAccT submission platform, EasyChair (select DEI Scholarship track).

The proposal should specify:

  • Research question(s).
  • Research methods.
  • How the proposed work will leverage the FAccT conference/organization.
  • Expected outcomes and evaluation metrics with specific milestones for reporting purposes.
  • Broader impacts.
  • Budget, specifying the funds needed and providing justification supporting the requested amount. The research funds can cover costs of personnel, equipment, human subjects or travel associated with the research.

The review and selection process

The FAccT Executive Committee and 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chairs will serve as the selection committee.

Conflict of Interest Policy. The selection process will abide by the ACM policy stated here:. We are therefore unable to accept submissions from those who stand in one of the following relationships to the selection committee:

  • Ph.D. student and Ph.D. supervisor (current or past)
  • Personal or family relationships
  • Potential for financial gain or significant recognition, personally or for a close associate or family member
  • Within the last two years or reasonably expected within the next year:
    • Working closely together (e.g., at the same institution, company or organization; or within the same organizational team)
    • Supervisor/Supervisee relationship exists
    • Funder or program manager/awardee relationship exists
    • Recipients of joint funding or significant professional collaboration
    • Joint authorship of an archival publication (e.g., an item having a DOI)

Expected reporting mechanisms

Milestones proposed in the proposal, along with their presentation to the FAccT EC and DEI Committee every six month.