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December 17, 2017
February 23-24, 2018

Presentation requirement

Please remember that all accepted papers are required to have at least one author attend the conference February 23rd and 24th in NYC to present the paper - we look forward to seeing you there! Registration information will be posted to this site soon.


The deadline for submission of the camera ready version of the paper is December 17th. Submission should be done by submitting a revised version of your paper as a pdf, any supplementary materials (also pdf), and the licensing agreement to the submission site:

We expect that you will make any modifications suggested by the reviewers (see below) in your camera ready version. Note that the camera ready versions are your final chance to catch any typos, etc. - there will not be a later copy editing phase to the publication process.

Please adhere to the following formatting guidelines in preparing your camera ready submission:

  1. Each paper should be called ‘lastname18.pdf’ where lastname is lower-case last name of the first author.
  2. If your paper has an appendix, please split it from the above pdf, use the original title with a subtitle "[Supplementary Materials]", and include it as supplementary material in a pdf titled 'lastname18-supp.pdf'. Make sure to change any inline references to this material accordingly.
  3. LaTeX users: a style file and sample paper can be downloaded here:
  4. If you are a Word user, please email the Publications Chair, Suresh Venkatasubramanian, at:
  5. Sign and upload the PMLR publication license agreement found at the link below in a pdf called 'lastname18Permission.pdf'
  6. The page limit in this format is 15 pages including references. This is the length that your 10 page paper in ACM format will be in PMLR format.

Reproducibility and transparency: If your paper includes data and/or code, we ask that you make it publicly available online by the camera ready deadline to the extent possible based on any IRB or intellectual property constraints. You should include a link to this data and/or code as a footnote of the title of your paper. These links will also be highlighted on the website with the listing of your paper.

Non-proceedings papers: If you chose not to publish your full paper in the FAT* proceedings, please still follow the above formatting guidelines, but submit a 1 page version of your paper to be included in the proceedings. We encourage you to use the space to include your current abstract, extended to include whatever material from the full paper you would like to include, along with any references you choose. It should say "[Extended Abstract]" on a new line under your current title, and should not include a separate abstract. For purposes of the licensing agreement you will need to sign (see above), you should append the words "[Extended Abstract]" to your existing title to create a new title for the one page manuscript.

The proceedings for FAT* 2018 will appear in the Proceedings of Machine Learning Research.