The ACM FAT* conference will take place January 29-31, 2019 at Sheraton Atlanta at 165 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Registration for the ACM FAT* Conference will close on January 25, 2019 at 11:00pm EST. If you are unable to register by this date, you may still register in person, click here for onsite registration dates. Please see below for a list of our onsite registration rates.

To reserve a hotel room at the Sheraton, click here.

Registration Items

Recognizing that ACM FAT* 2019 attendees have differing abilities to pay, ACM FAT* has instituted a tiered pricing program to accommodate all financial needs. Tickets will be available while supplies last, at which point a waitlist will be created.

The first batch of tickets are being offered at an "Early Bird Rate" and will be available until November 2, 2018. If there are still tickets available after November 2, we will provide them at the "Regular Rate" until January 22, 2019. If there are still tickets available for onsite registration, they will be offered at a higher rate.

The "General Session" registration covers January 30-31. If you also intend plan to attend a tutorial on January 29, you will need to pay an additional fee.

The doctoral colloquium will take place at the same time as Tutorials. Students who will be applying to or attending the doctoral colloquium do not need to pay for that day. (If a student is not accepted to the doctoral colloquium, they will be permitted to register and pay for a tutorial at a later date.)

GENERAL SESSION (Jan. 30-31, 2019)

Early Bird Regular Rate Onsite Rate
Industry (Non-Member) $680 $830 $980
Industry (ACM/SIG Member) $600 $750 $900
Academic / Government (Non-Member) $200 $250 $300
Academic / Government (ACM/SIG Member) $150 $200 $250
Student / Non-Profit (Non-Member) $50 $60 $70
Student / Non-Profit (ACM/SIG Member) $40 $50 $60


Early Bird Regular Rate Onsite Rate
Industry (Non-Member) $125 $150 $150
Industry (ACM/SIG Member) $100 $125 $125
Academic / Government (Non-Member) $40 $50 $50
Academic / Government (ACM/SIG Member) $30 $40 $40
Student / Non-Profit (Non-Member) $25 $35 $35
Student / Non-Profit (ACM/SIG Member) $20 $30 $30

If you have questions about registration, please send an e-mail to

Generosity in Registration

For full transparency, attendees should know that the actual cost per head (excluding the countless hours of free labor donated by committee organizers) is approximately $750 per person, with approximately $350 of that going to food alone. (A/V, WiFi, and livestreaming constitute other significant costs of running this conference.) While we are asking industry participants to cover that cost in its entirety, many of our attendees cannot pay that amount. We have received generous support from our sponsors to offset these costs, but we are also hoping that those who can afford more than the base rate will choose to raise the cost of their registration to allow us to offer scholarships (including travel) to those who have fewer resources to draw from.

During the registration process, you will be given the option to increase your registration amount. We would like to ask that anyone who has the means to consider doing so. This will allow us to be generous in our scholarship efforts. For those who are concerned about how this will affect your ability to get reimbursed, please note that the total cost of your registration will be altered to reflect the full cost that you paid. The additional amount will not be a separate line item.


Those who lack the means to pay for registration or who cannot afford travel to attend the conference should choose "financial support application" on the first page of the registration. You will be given the ability to provide information to apply for a scholarship and for travel support. You will not be asked to pay for registration during this process. Based on the amount of funds we are able to raise to offer scholarships, we will begin making offers one month after registration opens.

Based on previous experience, it is quite likely that we will run out of tickets for ACM FAT*2019. All who want to be considered for a scholarship should apply immediately. Once we run out of tickets, we will stop considering new applicants for scholarships. All who applied before that date will be considered for a scholarship. If we are unable to give you a scholarship due to financial limitations, we will offer you the ability to pay for an early bird ticket. Simply put, you will not lose your ability to purchase a ticket if you apply for a scholarship and do not get one.

We are no longer accepting new applications for travel support. Travel support will be extremely limited and only offered to those in the most financially precarious positions. Please only apply for travel support if there's no other way for you to attend the conference. Please try to get funding from other sources whenever possible. Please also know that if you are applying for travel support, you may need to purchase a flight/hotel and get reimbursed. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. (But please apply right away if you are in this position.)

Press Passes

ACM FAT*2019 does not have tickets reserved exclusively for journalists. Journalists who wish to attend ACM FAT*2019 should register either as a "non-profit" or to receive financial support if they lack the funding to support their attendance. Journalists should recognize that the actual cost of a ticket is approximately $750 per person.

Hotel and Accommodations

The conference will be hosted at Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, 165 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta GA 30303. We have also negotiated a rate of $119/night with the Sheraton. Please book your hotel now or as soon as possible because the rooms are going to fill up.

The group rate is available until January 7, 2019 and is subject to availability. Please note that the Super Bowl (an American football championship game) will be held in Atlanta on February 3 and no post meeting or guest rooms will be available after February 1, 2019. Please plan your flights and hotels accordingly.

If you have questions about hotel or registration, please send an e-mail to


We are in conversations with a vendor who provides on-site childcare. As part of registration, we are asking that those who might use such a service provide additional information so that we can devise a program that best suits the needs of those who could benefit. We will subsidize this service but there may be additional costs depending on what attendees need.

Visa Support Letter Requests

The Association for Computing Machinery does not issue formal invitation letters for visas to attend ACM sponsored conferences. We can however issue a visa support letter.

ACM is able to provide visa support letters to attendees as well as authors with accepted papers, posters, or members of the conference committee.

For visa support letters, refer all requests to Please allow up to 10 business days to receive a letter. All requests are handled in the order they are received. The information below should be included with the request:

  • Your name as it appears on your passport
  • Your current postal mailing address
  • The name of the conference you are registering for
  • Your registration confirmation number
  • If you have any papers accepted for the conference, please provide the title and indicate whether you are the “sole author” or a “co-author”
  • Authors may indicate their paper title. If no paper, speakers can provide the title of their presentation

ACM does not provide letters for transport of vendor or presenter equipment. ACM suggests shipping the materials insured to the conference facility.