Important Dates
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Submission deadline:
December 11, 2017, 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (AoE)
February 23-24, 2018

We are soliciting calls for two types of tutorials at FAT* 2018 - hands-on tutorials and translation tutorials.

Both types of tutorials will give presenters 1 hour to address technical and/or policy/law FAT* issues for a broad audience.

Hands-on Tutorials

We envision these hands-on tutorials as being a chance for a broad audience to experiment with new software packages designed to support FAT* efforts. Tutorials should introduce the motivation for the tool, explain how the underlying technology works, and walk through an example use case of the presented software. Given our emphasis on accountability and transparency, only open-source software (licensed under GPL, Apache 2.0, MIT, BSD etc.) will be expected for the tools presented in these tutorials.

Presenters may assume that participants would arrive with their own laptop to the session and would be expected to have a basic understanding of programming, though they wouldn’t necessarily be computer scientists; the tutorial should be accessible to a beginning audience.

Translation Tutorials

We are interested in tutorials that aim to "translate" between disciplines; by explaining computer science concepts in a way that will be practically useful for lawyers, policy makers, and other practitioners or by explaining legal, policy, or social science concepts in a way that will guide computer scientists in future technical explorations. These tutorials should be geared towards an interested, beginning audience. Tutorials should situate the topic in the related literature and do a deeper dive explaining a specific topic.

Application Process

To apply to lead a tutorial, please write a 1-2 page description of the tutorial including:
  • Title - titles should be in the format, "Hands-on Tutorial: title" or "Translation Tutorial: title" depending on the type of tutorial proposed.
  • The team - we encourage tutorials to be led by one to three people. More than three people is likely to be too chaotic.
  • A description of the topic you plan to cover.
  • A short (one paragraph) timeline of how you plan to break down the material over the hour.
  • Any critical citations. Hands-on tutorials should include a link to the open source software.
  • Hands-on tutorials only: if possible, include a short code snippet and installation instructions.
  • Any specific audio/visual needs, including projectors, microphones, etc.
Submissions should be emailed in PDF format to the PC Co-chairs at the addresses above.